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서울을 기반으로 활동중인 외신 기자 문소연 입니다.

Hi, I'm currently the global audience editor at the Washington Post's Seoul hub, where I work across the social and operations team while striving to grow our readership in Asia. Please shoot me an email if you want to chat about audience, but otherwise you'll find here my portfolio from when I was a freelance reporter. 


Operating as a one-woman band, I wore many hats – from reporter to researcher, fixer, field producer, translator (I'm bilingual!), social media director and copy editor. My love for journalism can be traced to my hometown paper, Dallas News, and everything local.


I believe that big stories often start small in our everyday surroundings, and I'm interested in experimenting with ways to enhance traditional reporting with digital innovation to create empathetic, audience-centered storytelling that gives marginalized communities a platform.

Click here for my original reporting work, including an exclusive investigation on undocumented Thai workers dying in South Korea as well as my most recent feature on how elderly conservatives have been victims of misinformation on YouTube. 

I'm a proud board member of the Asian American Journalists Association and currently work to advocate for press freedoms at Reporters Without Borders. 

I can be reached at or you can leave me a message by filling out the contact form.

If you're a college student/recent graduate interested in journalism or reporting in Asia, my DMs are always open. I wouldn't be where I am today without the generosity of those who came before me and opened their doors to a young stranger. 

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