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hi! my name is grace moon.


안녕하세요, 외신 기자 문소연 입니다.

Hi, thank you for finding me here! 

I am the global audience editor at The Washington Post's Seoul breaking-news hub, where I work across the foreign, SEO and social teams. The hubs produce a rich variety of domestic and international stories, live coverage of major world events and smart, search-inspired explanatory content that helps our readers more deeply understand issues unfolding around them. I help assign reporters' story targets by analyzing international search trends and traffic, oversee The Post's Facebook and Twitter accounts overnight and work with foreign correspondents to shape story formats in ways that will resonate with a global readership. I'm passionate about foreign coverage and finding ways to especially better understand and grow our audience in Asia.

I am committed to uplifting AAPI journalists and am an active organizing member of The Asian American Journalists Association, where I serve as the co-vice president of AAJA Seoul as well as the co-director of the Asian American Journalists Association's young professionals' affinity group, which seeks to empower student and early-career journalists. I am also an organizing member of the Mentor Match initiative, which has matched hundreds of mentees with mentors and hosted trainings on mentorship and networking. If you are interested in getting involved or have programming ideas for us, please email me. 

Before joining The Post, I worked in Seoul as a freelance journalist. I worked with many outlets including NBC News, BBC Worklife, Rest of World, The New York Times Video, Voice of America, Public Radio International, The Wall Street Journal, etc. to cover societal issues unfolding in South Korea. All of my previous clips can be found in the "Reporting" and "Research, Production" tabs.

I'll be quickest to respond if you write me at:

If you're a college student/recent graduate interested in journalism or reporting in Asia, my DMs are always open. I wouldn't be where I am today without the generosity of those who came before me and opened their doors to a young stranger. 

©2023 by Grace Moon

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