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Research, Fixing and Production Projects
for video, radio, digital, documentary and more.

  • The Wire China (Cover Story) "The Samsung Sandwich" (Digital) 

    • Conducted in-depth interviews with experts in the U.S. and South Korea about Korean tech conglomerates' shifting positions in the geopolitical sphere, translating all quotes into English. 

    • Prepared dense research sheets on the history of Samsung's factories in China.   ​

  • The New York Times Op-Docs: "How America Helped Stop Covid-19. Just Not in the U.S." (VIDEO)

    • Served as Korea field producer, coordinating interviews with the Korea Disease Control & Prevention Agency.

    • Interviewed two primary characters, working closely with DP to set scenes and obtain B-roll. Transcribed and translated scripts under deadline, fact-checking final video before published.

  • The Wall Street Journal (Suwon, Gyeonggi): "South Korea’s Universal Basic Income Experiment to Boost the Economy" (VIDEO)

    • Main researcher for short-doc on Gyeonggi's UBI initiative, secured interviewees and conducted interviews including with Governor Lee Jae-myung. ​

    • Coordinated production with cinematographer and transcribed, translated all interviews under tight deadlines. Cross fact-checked statistics and quotes.  

  • Channel Four Documentary (Daegu): "The Country That Beat the Virus: What Can Britain Learn?"

    • Served as the only local producer in Daegu, South Korea, once the epicenter of the nation's outbreak

    • Booked, conducted and produced interviews with cult expert, local organizers and hospitals

  • Radio Canada (Seoul) short doc: "70 years since the Korean War erupted"

    • Worked as documentary researcher, finding sources and coordinating interviews.

    • Translated in real-time from KOR to ENG and ENG to KOR, transcribing all material under deadline.

  • Radio Canada (Seoul): “To Wear a Mask or Not: The Question in South Korea” (French)  

    • Conducted initial research and MOS interviews in Korean

    • Shot photos and gathered audio elements of passersby on streets, traffic noise, interviews

    • Transcribed interviews and translated into English

  • Radio Canada (Seoul): “Drive-In Service: South Koreans Celebrate Easter” (French)

    • Interviewed sources in Korean at the drive-in service, selecting highlights and translating quotes into English

    • Shot photos and gathered audio elements.

  • Radio Canada (Seoul): “South Korea’s Economy Takes a Toll Due to COVID19” (French)

    • Booked interviews with economist and found local shop owners to interview for audio/video story

    • Translated interviews in real-time from ENG to KOR and KOR to ENG

    • Cross-checked final script in French with Korean interviews

  • AJ+ (Seoul): “Why Are So Many Korean Americans Adopted?” (translation)

  • AJ+ (Seoul): “How K-Pop & Selfies Transformed Plastic Surgery” (translation)

Additional Clients:

  • HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel ("Re-opening Day" segment on Korean Baseball Organization)

  • VICE News Tonight (North Korea stories)

  • NRK (Norwegian public broadcasting company)

  • Independent authors and foreign correspondents 

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